Other Brands

Dexxon wants to be the party that offers the best possible shelf invenstment profitability in the area of flash memory, computer and mobile accessories. That is why we also added other brands to our portfolio such as Sony, Intenso, Emtec and Kodak.


Dexxon is distributor for Sony audio products. The brand recognition for Sony is high. Sony headphones EX15LP, E9 and EX15AP are ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the European GFK ranking and are a valuable addition to your audio portfolio.


Our portfolio contains a number of Intenso powerbanks and harddisks. Intenso delivers quality products at a reasonable price.



Emtec offers a complete range of flash memory products, such as USB keys and memory cards. De USB portfolio offers a diversity in casings and capacities. The range also contains  3D collectible models, produced under licence of Looney Tunes, Smiley, Hanna Barbera etc.


Kodak is a well known brand in the photo channel. The portfolio contains USB-keys and memory cards. The USB-keys are avaiable in USB2.0- and USB 3.0 and several storage capacities. The memory cards are available in Class 4 and Class 10 variants.



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